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Also known as mace blades.

Available ground or in blades. Similar in aroma and taste to nutmeg but more delicate and refined. The taste is rich, fresh and warm and sometimes even peppery.



The outer shell is removed first, then the mace is harvested, press flat and dried. Once the mace is removed the nutmeg is dried on trays for 4 to 6 weeks until the nutmeg shrinks in it outer shell.



Mace is a delicate smooth spice that grows together with Nutmeg on the same plant called Myristica Fragrans, an evergreen tree, native to the Banda Island. Used in cakes, puddings, soups, poultry, fish.

Nutmeg is the hard kernel inside the fruit of this tree. The fruit is split open to reveal the seed called nutmeg, which is wrapped in bright orange and red lacy covering. This lacy covering is Mace.











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