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Healthy Recipes
Healthy Recipes
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Low Fat Recipes

Arby's has plenty to eat that is lower in fat and calories, but you will have to be selective and make sure to tell your server to cut some of the condiments.

The Deli Sandwiches are a good example. Without the mayo or sauce and without the cheese, the chicken and turkey sandwiches are very acceptable.

You can add mustard or any number of their sauces that are low fat or even their Ranch Dressing that is fat free.

Other good choices are their Lite Menu items. Just watch condiments you add. All around this is not bad for fast food. Just know ahead of time items that are acceptable for your dietary needs.

The following is a representation of fast food nutrition data from some national chains. Data was gathered from each chain's website. The listings will give you an idea of what fast food with a lower fat content may be available from other restaurants in your area. We are not listing all items, just the items that are under 10 grams of fat. As you can see, there is not a whole lot out there.

Condiments usually have been included in the listings so you may substitute or delete these items from the total count. Cheese, bacon and regular mayonnaise have been included separately in some instances. When you start adding on these items, it is easy to see how fast your fat grams, calories and cholesterol can escalate. Please remember, portions are small on some items like pizza.

Fast food IS NOT A HEALTHY WAY TO EAT and should never be used as a regular means of sustenance. If at all possible find a more healthy alternative. Be careful, most or all of the items served are also excessively high in sodium and in added sugar. If you are on a low sodium diet or a low sugar diet, be extra aware of these counts. Your best choices USUALLY will be dry salads (with NO added cheese, bacon or dressing unless the dressing is in a packet and labeled as low fat or fat free) and grilled chicken items - and remember watch that sodium.

If you really love your kids, take the time to educate them that a steady diet of this stuff can kill them as well as contribute to the epidemic of obesity that faces children today. Parents need to be aware that this stuff is just as deadly as cigarettes and drugs, possibly more so. Don't you find it shocking that we are seeing a wave of children who are suffering from high blood pressure, who have not even gotten out of grade school? It is understandable when you note that the food choices offered in most public schools today are nothing more than . . . FAST FOOD laden with fat, sodium and sugar!

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