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Also known as
Gourmet Parsley and Garden Chervil.

Can be used as fresh leaves or dried.
Store dried leaves in a cool, dry, dark place away from heat light and moisture. Dried chervil will keep for 6 months.



Chervil is extremely delicate although it has a very strong oil.

Add finely chopped leaves to soups, fish and egg dishes in the last ten to twelve minutes of cooking so its flavor is not cooked away.



Chervil is a delicate herb with subtle taste. It has a slightly aniseed like flavor that can be quickly lost in cooking. Garnish salads with it, but serve it at the last moment. Chervil is a very popular herb in France.

It is an important ingredient in the traditional French herb blend, Fines Herbes. Chervil is better used as a fresh herb because during a cooking process a lot of its anise-like aroma and parsley taste is lost













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