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Making your own zest for flavor and decoration is easy. Using a vegetable peeler, shave off the topmost layer from an orange, lemon or lime. Peel in wide strips. With sharp knife, cut peel into narrow strips.
Like most summer squashes, zucchini is low in calories. It can be stuffed, sauteed and used in soups.

Zucchini is famous for it's use in many Italian and Mediterrean cuisines.
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Zaatar - An herb mixture composed of savory, thyme, sumac, and sesame seeds. A prepared mixture of this herb mixture can be found at most Middle Eastern groceries. The quality of zaatar can differ greatly.

Zabaglione - An Italian dessert made from egg yolks, wine, and sugar. Zabaglione is beaten over simmering water, which cooks the egg yolks and makes a light and foamy custard.

Zest - The thin, brightly colored outer part of the rind of citrus fruits. It contains volatile oils, used as a flavoring.

Ziti - Italian for bridegrooms; used to describe large, slightly curved tubes of pasta, similar to rigatoni.

Zucchini - A moderately long cylindrical summer squash with smooth, dark green skin with a slightly bumpy surface, creamy white-green flesh and milk flavor; also known as a courgette (especially in Europe).

Zuppa - Italian word for "soup."

Zwieback - Zwieback means "twice baked" in German, and refers to cut up bread which is then cooked in the oven until thoroughly crisped and dry.

Zwyieka - A Polish sausage.







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