Healthy Recipes
Healthy Recipes
Healthy Recipes
Low Fat
Low Fat Recipes
For healthy low fat noodles try udon noodles. This thick Japanese noodle, similar to spaghetti, (round or square) and is usually made from wheat flour. It is often served in a dish called "noodles & broth," containing soy broth & shiitake mushrooms.
To help reduce the amount of fat in roasted poultry, try using an upright chicken roaster.

The vertical construc-tion keeps the bird from roasting in it's own drippings.
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Culinary Terms

Udon Noodles - These Japanese wheat-flour noodles can be purchased either fresh or dried. They are often used in soups.

Ugli Fruit - A Jamaican fruit with loose, yellow-green skin. The fruit is thought to be a cross between the tangerine and the grapefruit with a grapefruit-orange flavor.

Unmold - To remove molded food from its container.

Unsalted Butter - Butter which contains no salt. Unsalted butter is more perishable than butter with salt.

Unsaturated Fat - A kind of fat that is in liquid form at room temperature.

Unsweetened Baking Chocolate
- You don't eat unsweetened chocolate. It has no added sugar and is generally composed of 55% cocoa butter and 45% chocolate mass from the bean. It has an intense chocolate flavor that has to be tempered by sugar and other ingredients.

Upright Chicken Roaster
- A vertical, cross-braced metal stand used to roast poultry; prevents poultry from cooking in its own drippings.

Upside-Down Cake - An upside-down cake is generally made by first covering the bottom of the baking pan with butter, sugar, and arranged fruit. A cake batter is then poured over the fruit. The baked cake is inverted onto a serving plate, which makes the fruit bottom the top of the cake.





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