Healthy Recipes
Healthy Recipes
Healthy Recipes
Low Fat
Low Fat Recipes
If you want to start eating lower fat and cholesterol meals, the best investment you can make is a really good set of non-stick cookware. You can literally cut the amout of fat and oils used in cooking to almost nothing.
Despite the fact that
Neufchatel Cheese is much lower in fat and calories than regular cream cheese , you can use it in most of your recipes that call for cream cheese without compromis-ing the integrity of the recipe.
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Culinary Terms

Nachos - An hors d'oeuvre of tostados topped with jack cheese, sour cream, and jalapeno chile.

Napa Cabbage - This oval-shaped broad-leafed head has very crisp, pale green crinkled leaves and a sweet, delicate flavor. It is used extensively in stir-fried dishes and soups, and absorbs flavors beautifully.

Nasturtium - All parts of the nasturtium are eaten, except the roots. The leaves and stems are peppery, and may be added to salads or sandwiches. Whole flowers may be used as a garnish, and seeds and buds can be pickled like capers.

- A Japanese flavoring and table condiment made from soybeans that have been steamed, fermented and mashed. Natto has a gummy texture and strong cheeselike flavor; often mixed with other ingredients such as soy sauce and mustard.

Navy Bean - A variety of kidney bean; small and ovoid with a white skin and flesh; a staple of the U.S. Navy since the 1880s, it is also known as the beautiful bean, Boston bean, and Yankee bean.

Nectarine - A sweet, firm relative of the peach with smooth skin. Select nectarines that have rich color (red swatches over a bright golden yellow background), a fragrant aroma and a plumpness that gives slightly to the touch.

Neufchatel Cheese - A soft unripened cheese originally from Neufchatel-en-Bray, France. It has a fat content of 44-48%. Philadelphia sells it as low-fat cream cheese in the U.S.

Newburg - A rich dish of cooked lobster, shrimp, or other shellfish in a sauce made of cream, butter, egg yolks, sherry, and seasonings. The dish is often served over toast points.

Niçoise Olive
- Small French black (harvested fully ripe) olive with a high pit-to-meat ratio. Niçoise olives are brine-cured and packed in olive oil, often with herbs. They can vary in color from purple-brown to brown-black, and have a rich, nutty, smooth flavor.

Niçoise, A La
- Food cooked in the manner of the chefs of the French city of Nice, generally includes a garnish of garlic, tomatoes, anchovies, black olives, capers and lemon juice.

Noisette - Very small medallions of meat.

Nonpareil - A tiny hard candy used to decorate cookies, candy, cakes, etc.

Non-Reactive Pan - A non-porous pan which does not produce a chemical reaction when it comes into contact with acidic foods. An aluminum pan is reactive, while stainless steel, glass, and enamel are not.

Non-Stick Cookware - Cookware that has been coated with teflon that allows for cooking with little or no oil or grease.

- Type of pasta made from durum flour, water and egg solids. By federal regulations, pasta made without egg solids cannot be defined as noodles.

- Fleshy leaves of the prickly pear, or nopal cactus. Nopales have a tart, green bean-like flavor. The thorns are shaved off before using, then they are usually simmered until tender then used in salads, scrambled eggs, and other dishes.

Nougat - A candy made from sugar and honey mixed with nuts. This mixture is then formed into slabs and sliced.

Nutmeg - The hard seed of a yellow fruit from a tree (Myristica fragrans) native to the East Indies; has an oval shape and smooth texture with a strong, sweet aroma and flavor; used ground (grated) in sweet and savory dishes.

Nut Mill - A hand-crank tool used to produce nut flour. Shelled nuts are placed in a hopper on top of the unit and the crank is rotated, pressing the nuts against a grating drum. The nuts are powdered without releasing their natural oil.

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