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Dolphin is the name of a marine mammal as well as the name of a fish. Because of the confusion, most restaurants use the Hawaiian name 'mahi-mahi' or the Spanish 'dorado' on their menus so customers don't think they are serving 'Flipper'.
"-molcajete being the mortar, tejolete the pestle. The black, rough texture of both pieces is a result of the fact that they're made of basalt (volcanic rock). They are used in the traditional manner for grinding spices, herbs and other mixtures.  
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Culinary Terms

Macadamia Nut - An oily, marble size, white nut with a buttery rich flavor. The macadamia nut's shell is exceptionally hard. It has an extremely high fat content.

Macaroni - Pasta made from semolina and water, usually refers to tube shapes, but can also include shells, twists and ribbons.

Mace - A sweet, but pungent spice, made from the outer covering of the nutmeg, and has a very similar flavor.

Macedoine - Small dice - 1/4" square

Macerate - To soak fruit or other food in liquid to infuse it with the flavor of the liquid.

Mâche - A plant with small, tender, dark green leaves and a slightly nutty flavor; used in salads or cooked. It is often found growing wild in cornfields, but it is difficult to find in stores and can be quite expensive.

- The king mackerel (also known as kingfish) is probably the best known of this family of saltwater fish found in the Atlantic Ocean. Mackerel has firm, savory flavored flesh and is available fresh, smoked or salted.

Madeira - A sweet, Portuguese desert wine often served as an apéritif or as an after dinner drink.

- A small, scalloped, shell shape cake from a butter and egg rich batter.

Mafalda, Mafalde
(pl) - Wide, flat noodle with ruffled edges, resembles a lasagna noodle, only narrower.

- French term for a dish containing no meat. It may also refer to lean or low-fat cooking.

Mahi Mahi, Dolphinfish - Though this fish is actually a type of dolphin, it should not be confused with the dolphin that is a mammal. Mahi mahi is a firm, flavorful fish, excellent grilled or broiled.

- A tool usually made of sturdy hard wood with a metal-reinforced striking surface; used to flatten thin cuts of meat or poultry and for cracking the shells of cooked crabs and lobsters.

Malt - 1. A fountain drink that is a thick blend of malted milk powder, ice cream, milk and flavoring. 2. A grain like barley that has been sprouted, kiln-dried and ground into sweet-flavored powder. The malt powder is used to brew beer, make vinegar and is used as an additive to many foods.

Maltagliate - Irregular, triangle- or diamond-shaped pasta pieces, half the size of a postage stamp, often used as an ingredient in soups.

Mandarin - 1. A cooking style from China. The word mandarin literally means "Chinese official," suggesting the style is the aristocratic epitome of Chinese cuisine. 2. A citrus fruit with loose yellow to reddish-orange rind that is very easy to peel. The flesh is orange in color and has a sweet flavor.

Mandoline - A hand-operated slicing and cutting apparatus. Mandolines are used to cut fruits and vegetables evenly.

- A beautiful tropical fruit which grows in a variety of shapes and sizes; the skin may be green, rosy red, gold or all three as the fruit ripens. The juicy, smooth, golden flesh is fragrant and sweetly tart, with one large flat seed.

Manhattan Clam Chowder - Chowder made with quahog clams, tomatoes, onions, celery, and potatoes.

- Large, tube shaped pasta that is normally stuffed with a meat, vegetable and cheese mixture and topped with a red sauce and baked.

Manzanilla Olive - Spanish green olive, lightly lye-cured then packed in salt and lactic acid; available unpitted and/or stuffed.

Maple Syrup - Maple sap that has been reduced by boiling until a thick syrup with a sweet distinctive taste is formed.

Maraschino Cherry
- A pitted cherry soaked in a flavored, sugar syrup and dyed red or green. Maraschino cherries are used for drink and food garnishes.

Marble - To smoothly whirl one food into another.

- The streaks of intramuscular fat found in meat (especially beef) which add to the meat's flavor and tenderness. Marbling is a primary factor in determining a meat's quality grade.

- A chicken dish containing mushrooms, wine, tomatoes, pearl onions and garlic.

Margarine - A solid fat invented in 1869 to replace butter in cooking and baking. Originally, it was composed entirely of beef fat. Today, margarine is made with a variety of fats (usually vegetable), water, whey, yellow coloring, and nutritional additives.
Marinade, To Marinate - A liquid seasoning blend or dry spice rub for foods, used for flavor enhancement and tenderizing. Marinades are added to foods and then allowed to set for a period of time. Liquid marinades are usually acid-based with wine, vinegar, yogurt or lemon juice with added spices.

- A seasoned liquid, usually containing an acid, in which foods such as meat or vegetables are soaked (marinated) before cooking.

Marinara Sauce
- Literally, "sailor-style" in Italian, this sauce can be made either red or white, but it always contains garlic, tomatoes, olive oil, oregano, and vinegar and/or wine.

Marjoram, Sweet Marjoram - A Mediterranean herb of the mint family that has short oval, pale green leaves, a sweet flavor suggestive of thyme and oregano and a strong aroma.

Marmalade - A jellied fruit preserve that contains pieces of rind (usually citrus fruit).

Marsala - An Italian, dessert wine, served as an after dinner drink or as an apéritif. Marsala is available in dry and sweet.

Marzipan - A mixture of almond paste, sugar and egg whites (of ground almonds, sugar, and egg whites) used to cover dessert cakes or to mold and shape for decorations on pastries.

Masa, Masa Harina - Masa is the dough used mainly for tortillas and tamales. It is made from dried corn kernels which has been cooked in limewater, then ground while wet. Masa Harina is flour made from dried masa.

Mascarpone Cheese - An extremely rich cream cheese from Italy.

Mash - To press or crush a food into a smooth mixture.

Mask - To cover a dish with sauce or aspic after it has been cooked but prior to serving. It also refers to over-seasoning a dish to the point where all other flavors are indiscernible.

Matelote - Stew containing freshwater fish, wine and aromatics.

Matzo Meal - Ground matzo (unleavened bread made of only wheat flour and water), which is used in a variety of foods including matzo balls (dumplings) and pancakes.

Mayonnaise - A creamy, thick white sauce consisting of oil and vinegar emulsified with egg yolks. It is used as a spread or dressing. It is sold commercially and comes in reduced fat and non fat varieties.

Mead - A fermented beverage consisting of water, honey, and yeast (or hops) with flavorings.

Measuring Cups - Containers used to measure the volume of dry or liquid foods.

Meat - 1. The flesh (muscles, fat and related tissues) of animals used for food. 2. The edible part of nuts.

Medallion - A very small, round cut of pork, veal, or beef.

Melba Sauce - A sauce composed of pureed, strained fresh raspberries, red currant jelly, sugar and cornstarch. It is traditionally served with Peach Melba, but can be used as a topping for other desserts.

Melba Toast - A very thin and very dry toast that is served with soups and salads.

Melon - A member of the gourd family. There are two groups of melons: muskmelon and watermelon, of which there are many varieties.

Melt - To alter a food from a solid to a liquid by heat.

Menudo - A Mexican soup containing tripe, green chiles, hominy and spices.

Meringue - Egg whites beaten until they are stiff and creamy, then sweetened. Primarily used as the topping for cream pies, or baked as cookies.

Mesclun - French word for "mixed" that refers to a salad of assorted small salad leaves and herbs.

- A hardwood tree grown in the Southwest US, used to impart a distinct flavor in barbecue and smoked foods.

Mezzani - Smooth tubular pasta.

Microwave Cooking - A heating method that cooks with high-frequency radio waves that cause food molecules to pulse, creating friction that heats and cooks the food.

- A mixture of bread or tortilla crumbs with scrambled eggs, chiles, onions and seasonings. Occasionally, chorizo (sausage) is added to the dish.

Milk Chocolate
- Popular form of eating chocolate because of its mild, mellow flavor and usually contains about 12% milk solids. Milk chocolate has a less robust flavor than sweet or semisweet chocolates.

Milk Shake - Milk, ice cream, and a syrup or other flavorings mixed in a blender until the ice cream is soft enough to be sipped through a straw.

Millet - A small, round grain boiled or grounded into flour. It does not contain gluten.

Mince - To cut into extremely fine pieces.

- A spicy, sweet combination of candied and fresh fruits, wine, spices, and beef fat. Primarily used filling for pies.

Minestrone - An Italian all-vegetable soup containing an assortment of vegetables and pasta or beans or rice.

Mint - An herb with a fresh, peppery flavor. Mint is available fresh, dried, and as an extract.

Mint Julep - A popular drink from the southern U.S. containing fresh mint, bourbon, and crushed ice.

Mirin - A sweet, rice wine used in cooking Japanese cuisine.

Miso - Fermented soybean paste that is an indispensable Japanese flavoring ingredientIt is used in sauces, soups, marinades, dressings, dips and main dishes.

Mix - To combine ingredients with a spoon or beaters until well integrated.

Mix Until Just Moistened
- To combine dry ingredients with liquid ingredients until the dry ingredients are thoroughly moistened, but the mixture is still slightly lumpy.

Mocha - A coffee and chocolate mixture.

Mock Duck - Fresh, organic wheat gluten that is folded and pressed creating a meat substitute to duck in Buddhist and other vegetarian dishes. Available canned in Asian markets.

Mojo - Cuban seasoning mix made of garlic, olive oil, and sour oranges It is used as a dip, marinade, or sauce for vegetables and meats.

Molasses - A thick, sweet, brownish-black liquid that is a by-product of sugar-refining; used in breads, cookies and pastries for its distinctive, slightly bitter flavor and dark color.

Molcajete Y Tejolete - The Mexican term for mortar (molcajete) and pestle (tejolete); sometimes made from volcanic rock.

Mold - To shape food, usually by pouring the liquefied food into a mold. When the liquid is cooled it will retain the shape of the mold.

Mole - A Mexican specialty, mole is a dark, reddish-brown sauce, often served with chicken or turkey. Mole is made from a variety of ingredients, including ground seeds, chile peppers, onion, garlic, and chocolate.

Monkfish - A saltwater fish of which only the tail meat is eaten.

Monosodium Glutamate - A sodium salt found in wheat, beets, and soy bean products. It is used extensively in Chinese cooking, and thought to help accentuate the flavors of certain foods. However some people have shown an allergic reaction.

Monounsaturated Fat
- Monounsaturated fats have been shown to reduce LDLs, but have relatively no effect on HDLs, except for olive oil, which can increase the beneficial HDLs. Other sources of monounsaturated fat can be obtained from canola oil, peanut oil, avocados, almonds, cashews and peanuts.

Mont Blanc
- A classic French dessert made with sweetened chestnut purée. The purée is passed through a ricer and formed into a fluffy mound on a platter. The dessert is then topped with whipped cream.

Monterey Jack Cheese
- Deriving its name from the California city where it originated, this cheese is very versatile. Usually available unaged, it is mild and has an ivory color.

Monter au beurre - To whisk cold butter into a hot liquid to give the liquid a silky consistency and depth of flavor.

Morel - A variety of wild mushroom, the morel is cone-shaped and has a nutty, earthy flavor.

Mornay Sauce - A basic béchamel sauce to which cheese has been added. It is sometimes varied with the addition of eggs or stock.

Mortar and Pestle - A bowl and blunt tool for pounding seasonings into a paste or powder. Often made of marble. The traditional method of making basil pesto is to place all ingredients into the mortar and blend.

Mostaccioli - Literally means "Small Mustaches". This tubular pasta goes well with sauce, used in salads, baked in casseroles, or made into stir fry dishes.

Mother Sauces - A French concept that classifies all sauces into five foundation sauces called "mother" or "grand sauces." From these five sauces, all sauces can be made. They are: 1. Demiglace or brown; 2. Velouté or blond; 3. Béchamel or white; 4. Hollandaise or butter; 5. Tomato or red.

Moussaka - A layered dish of eggplant and lamb with tomatoes and onions in a white sauce.

Mousse - A sweet or savory dish, mousse is usually made with egg whites or whipped cream to give the light, airy texture. In French, the word means "froth" or "foam."

Mozzarella Cheese
- Mozzarella is known as a mild cheese with an elastic texture. It is fairly soft, requires little ripening time, and has excellent melting qualities.

- This natural amino acid is found in seaweed, vegetables, cereal gluten and the residue of sugar beets, and is used as a flavor enhancer.

Muenster Cheese; Munster Cheese
- A semi-ripe Alsatian cheese made with whole cow's milk, flavored with caraway and cumin. It may cure up to three months before consumption.

Muesli - The German term for mixture, muesli may contain raw or toasted grains (wheat, oats, barley, etc.) nuts, bran, dried fruits, wheat germ, sugar and dried milk solids. Muesli is often eaten like cold cereal with milk, or with yogurt or fruit juice.

Muffin - A drop batter baked in individual pans and served as a quick bread.

Mull - To flavor a beverage, such as cider or wine, by heating it with spices or other flavorings.

Mung Beans - Small green beans used in both Indian and Chinese cooking. They do not require presoaking and cooked mung beans have a tender texture and slightly sweet flavor. The sprouts are also used in salads.

Muscadine Grape - A thick-skinned purple grape with a musky flavor, muscadine grapes are found in the Southeastern United States. The grapes are eaten as is, and often used to make jelly and wine.

Mushroom - Any of many species of cultivated or wild fleshy fungus, usually consisting of a stem, a cap (which may have gills) and mycelium; available fresh or dried and eaten raw, reconstituted or cooked.

- One of the two broad classes of melon. Muskmelons have been grown for thousands of years by many cultures. The two main skin textures are netted (such as cantaloupe), and smooth (crenshaw or honeydew).

Mussel - A bivalve mollusk with an extremely thin, oblong shell that can range from dark blue to bright green to yellowish-brown. The creamy-tan meat has a slightly sweet flavor. Mussels can be cooked in a variety of ways including steaming, frying, baking or used as an ingredient in dishes such as paella.

Mustard - A spice with a pungent flavor, available as seeds or ground, or a condiment prepared with it.

Mustard Greens - Leaves of the mustard plant, mustard greens are a very popular vegetable in the South. The leaves have a pungent mustard flavor, and may be found fresh, frozen, or canned. Mustard greens must be washed thoroughly, then may be steamed, sauteed, or simmered. They're usually cooked with seasonings and ham, pork, or bacon.

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