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The fresh kaffir lime leaf is a wonderful aromatic addition to soups, stir fry, curry and salads. The results are fragrant and exotic. Dry and frozen leaves are also available. Dried leaves are very good in liquid dishes, like curry and soup.
It is best to wash and dry knives by hand.

Rub off any stains with a clean wine cork dipped mixture of coarse salt and vinegar or lemon juice or you can use a regular household cleanser.
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Culinary Terms

Kaffir Lime - The Kaffir lime is widely grown throughout south-east Asia. The rind and leaves are used for flavouring Thai curries. The fruit is yellow when mature but harvested while still green.

Kahlúa - A coffee-flavored liqueur form Mexico.

Kaiser Roll - A large, round yeast roll with a crisp crust, used for making sandwiches or served as a breakfast roll.

Kalamata Olives, Calamata Olives - A dark purple, fruity Greek olive.

Kale - Curly-leafed member of the cabbage family which grows in loose bunches. The strong-tasting leaves are rich in vitamins A and C, potassium, calcium and iron; frequently eaten boiled or used as garnish.

Kasseri Cheese - Greek cheese made from sheep's or goat's milk, with a sharp, salty flavor. As it matures, it develops a hard texture that is perfect for grating. This white cheese is delicious plain, grated over hot foods or used in cooking, and is the cheese used in the Greek dish saganaki. An American version of kasseri is made with cow's milk.

Karo - Commercial brand of syrup that is available in dark or light.

Kasha - Buckwheat grouts.

Kebab, Kabob, Kabab - Cubes of food (meat, poultry, seafood, fruit or vegetables) placed on a skewer then marinated before cooking. Vegetables and fruit can be alternated with the meat and then grilled.

Kedgeree - An Indian dish containing rice, lentils and onions. An English variation adds smoked fish, hard-boiled eggs and a cream curry sauce. Also known as kegeree.

Ketchup, Catsup - A thick and spicy tomato sauce used as a condiment or a cooking ingredient.

Kettle - A large metal pot, usually made of iron, with a looped handle and a lid.

Key Lime - Small, tart, yellowish limes from Florida.

Kidney Bean - A medium-sized, kidney-shaped bean with a dark red skin, cream-colored firm flesh and a bland flavor. Available fresh, dried and canned.

Kielbasa, Kielbasi, Kielbasy, Polish Sausage
- A seasoned and smoked sausage usually made from pork.

Kim Chee Cucumber - A very spicy pickled cabbage mixture of Korean origin. Also known as Korean cabbage pickle.

Kippered Herring - Smoked or dried herring.

Kirsch - A clear brandy distilled from cherry juice and pits. Usually added to cherries jubilee or fondue sauces

Kitchen Bouquet - A trade name for a bottled sauce used for flavor and color enhancement.

Kitchen Shears
- Strong, sharp scissors with multiple uses including cutting fish, poultry, meat and produce. One blade may have a serrated edge. This tool can snip herbs and crack nuts too.

Kitchen String - Linen string used for trussing poultry and securing stuffed or rolled pieces of meat before cooking. Also known as butcher's twine.

Kiwi; Kiwi Fruit; Kiwifruit - A small ovoid shaped fruit with a greenish-brown skin covered with fuzz, lime green flesh that becomes more yellow toward the center, many small, edible black seeds and a sweet-tart flavor.

Knackwurst; Knockwurst
- A plump German sausage made from beef and pork and seasoned with garlic; can be boiled, broiled or grilled and is traditionally served with sauerkraut. The name resulted from the cracking sound the casing makes when first bitten into: "knack" is the German word for crack.

Knead - To work dough with the heels of your hands in a pressing and folding motion until it becomes smooth and elastic.

- Knives come in many shapes and sizes, but all have at least one thing in common. A knife, by definition, is a sharp-edged cutting instrument with a handle.

Kohlrabi - A hybrid of cabbage and turnips; the pale green or pale purple bulbous stem is mild and sweet when young. The bulb tastes like a mild, sweet turnip. Kohlrabi is available from midspring to midfall.

Kombu - A large edible seaweed used in Japanese cooking.

Kosher - Food prepared according to Jewish dietary laws. . Kosher dietary laws identify three classifications of foods: meat, dairy and pareve. Pareve (parve) refers to a neutral food that can be used with either meat or dairy.

Kosher Salt
- urified, refined rock salt approved for use on kosher meats. It is also used for pickling because it contains no magnesium carbonate and will not cloud brine solutions. Also known as coarse salt or pickling salt.Kugelhopf - A Central European yeast cake filled with raisins (or currants), nuts and candied fruit and baked in a special fluted tube pan.

- A Central European yeast cake filled with raisins (or currants), nuts and candied fruit and baked in a special fluted tube pan.

Kuminost Cheese; Kumminost - Danish semifirm cheese made from whole or skimmed cow's milk, having either a natural or waxed rind and a pale yellow to orange interior; flavored with cumin, caraway seed and clove. Kuminost is excellent in casseroles and for snacks and sandwiches. Also known as nökkelost.

Kumquat - A fruit which looks like a tiny orange. The rind is sweet and the flesh is tart. The fruit can be eaten rind and all. Usually found pickled, candied or in preserves or marmalade.

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