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If you love the crisp texture of iceberg lettuce but think that the taste is too bland, don't just keep adding salad dressing. Dress up the taste of iceberg lettuce by adding a few mixed baby salad greens, arugula, spinach and watercress.
On a hot summer day, ice the glasses in which you serve a slushy fruit drink like lemonade or limeade.

Trim the edge of the glass with sprigs of mint. Somehow the day will just seem cooler.
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Culinary Terms

Ice - 1. To chill by placing a glass or serving dish in a freezer so that a coat of frost forms on its surface. 2. Frozen water. Freezing point for water is at 32ºF (0ºC).

Ice Bath - A bath of ice and water used to chill a food or beverage very quickly.

Iceberg Lettuce - The many varieties of this green leafy vegetable all differ in size and crispness. The most common types found in the supermarket are butter, iceberg and romaine. Iceberg has tight, compact heads with little flavor (except for the heart), but a very crisp texture.

Ice Cream Soda - A beverage comprised of carbonated water, flavored syrup, (or a commercial flavored carbonated beverage) and a scoop or two of ice cream.

Ice Milk - Ice milk is made like ice cream, except it contains less milk fat and milk solids. It has less calories, is lighter and less creamy than ice cream.

Ice Pick - A tool with a single long, needle-like metal shaft stemming from a weighted handle, and used to chip pieces of ice from large blocks.

Icing, Frosting - A covering and/or filling which contains large amounts of sugar used for cakes and pastries.

Icing Syringe
- A cake-decorating tool. The icing syringe is composed of a tube, plunger and various tips. The tips can be quickly exchanged to form a multitude of patterns with the same icing color.

Indian Pudding - A spicy cornmeal and molasses pudding usually served with whipped cream, hard sauce, or cream.

Infuse - To submerge teas or other flavoring ingredients in a hot liquid in order to extract the flavor into the liquid.

Infusion Coffee Maker
- This type of coffee maker consists of a glass pot with a mesh covered plunger that is pressed downward to trap the coffee grounds after steeping. Also known as cafetière or French press.

Instant Rice - Fully cooked and flash-frozen rice that can be rehydrated in boiling water. It is quick but lacks flavor.

Instant Yeast
- A specially processed form of active dry yeast; can be mixed into a dough dry (rather than dissolved) and reduces rising time by up to 50 percent.

Iodized Salt - Table salt (sodium chloride) containing potassium iodide, a source of the essential nutrient iodine.

Iron - A mineral used by the blood for forming hemoglobin. Red meat, fish, eggs, and legumes are significant iron sources.

Irish Soda Bread - A traditional Irish quick bread that uses baking soda as its leavener. It's usually made with buttermilk and may include currants or caraway seed.

Italian Parsley - Parsley with flat leaves. Italian parsley has a stronger flavor than curly leaf parsley.

Italian Sausage - Coarse sausage usually seasoned with garlic and fennel seed or anise seed; generally sold in plump links in two varieties, hot (flavored with hot red peppers) and sweet (no added peppers).

Italian Seasoning - A blend of dried herbs used in Italian cuisine, containing basil oregano, rosemary, thyme, sage, marjoram, and red pepper.

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