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Presentation of food is just as important as the preparation itself. Some typical garnishes are sprigs of parsley and mint, slices of citrus fruit, and "flowers" made with vegetables such as radishes. They can be edible, as well as decorative.
  After combining the ingredients for granita, place the container in a freezer and stirring every 15 to 30 minutes. Use a fork to scrape it into a granular consis-tency. Scoop the mixture into balls and serve garnished with sprigs of mint.
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Culinary Terms

Gaeta Olive - Mild-flavored Italian black olives; usually dry-salt cured, giving them a wrinkled appearance, then rubbed with olive oil and packed with rosemary and other herbs.

Galangal, Galingale Root
- A southeast Asian rhizome with reddish skin, orange or white flesh and a peppery, gingerlike flavor; used particularly in Thai and Indonesian cuisines, often as a substitute for ginger.

- A traditional French dish made from poultry, meat or fish that is boned and stuffed with a forcemeat, and often studded with items such as pistachio nuts, olives and truffles.

Gallon - An American unit of measurement equal to 128 fl. ounces, 16 cups, 8 pints or 4 quarts.

Ganache - A term used for a very rich chocolate filling or thick glaze made with chocolate, shortening, and cream used for filling and frosting.

Garam Masala
- A mixture of dry-roasted, finely ground, cumin, coriander, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, dried chiles, fennel, mace, black pepper and possibly other spices. Garam masala is similar to curry powder and is used widely in Indian cooking.

Garbanzo Bean - See chickpea.

Garlic - A highly aromatic and strongly flavored edible bulb composed of several sections, called cloves. Each clove is encased in a papery covering. Garlic is used in most cuisines around the world.

Garlic Powder - Dehydrated garlic that is finely ground into a powder and used as a seasoning.

Garlic Salt - A blend of salt and garlic powder garlic powder used as a seasoning.

Garnish - To present dishes with visual and flavor enhancement using additional edible elements. Common are herbs like parsley springs and fruit like thin slices of lemons

Gaspacho, Gazpacho - Cold Spanish vegetable soup made with meat broth, crushed fresh tomatoes, and diced raw vegetables like onions, cucumbers, and peppers.

Gastronomy - The art and science of fine dining, fine food and drink.

Gateaux - French for cake.

Gefilte Fish
- Jewish dish made of ground fish (usually carp, pike and or whitefish) combined with eggs, matzo meal and seasonings. The mixture is shaped into balls and simmered in vegetable or fish stock.

Gelatin, Gelatine - A thickener used in molded (Jello® type) desserts and dishes that has no flavor, odor or color. It is pure protein from veal and beef bones and by -products.

Gelato - (jeh-LAH-toh) Gelato comes from gelare, the Italian word for "to freeze" and is the general term for all frozen desserts. Less general, it refers to a milk based combination with a dense, buttery consistency similar to that of American ice cream.

Gemelli - The Italian term for twins, describing two short bits of spaghetti pasta twisted together in the shape of a cord or rope.

Genovesini - Short lengths of thick tube pasta, cut diagonally on each end.

- A huge, soft-shell Pacific clam. Weighing an average of 3 pounds, but sometimes as much as 13 pounds, geoduck is distinguished by a long neck that can reach up to 18 inches and account for about half its body weight.

- The embryo of a kernel of grain, such as wheat, making up about 2.5 percent of the kernel's weight; often separated out in processed flour because its fat content makes flour more perishable. Wheat germ, which is left in whole wheat flour, has a large content of complex vitamins and trace minerals. It can also be purchased separately.

Ghee - This form of clarified butter is taken a step further by simmering it until all of the moisture evaporates and the milk solids begin to brown, giving the resulting butter a nutty, caramel flavor and aroma. Ghee has a longer life and much higher smoke point than regular clarified butter.

Giblets - The gizzard, liver, heart and neck of poultry.

Ginger, Ginger Root - This knotty tuber from a tropical plant from China is used to flavor beverages and dishes in Asian and Indian cuisinees. It has a taupe skin, ivory flesh and a peppery, sweet flavor with a hint of lemon.

- A nut from the center of the inedible fruit of the maidenhair tree. This nut turns bright green when cooked and has a delicately sweet flavor.

Glace - A very reduced stock used in flavouring sauces and enhancing soups and stews.

Glaze - A liquid coating that gives a shiny coating to food. It can be a savory glaze on meats or a sweet glaze on pastry and baked goods.

Gluten - Protein found in flour that gives wheat yeast dough its elasticity.

Gnocchi - Italian dumpling.

Goat Cheese - Known as Chevre, this fresh soft goat's milk cheese has a distinctive tart flavor. Chèvres can range in texture from moist and creamy to dry and semifirm.

Golden Delicious Apple - A sweet, crisp, juicy all-purpose apple with yellow skin and flesh that resists browning. This feature makes it ideal for fruit salads. It is also suitable for baking, cooking, applesauce and eating out of hand.

- Hollow corners of pasta similar to elbows, pipe or small lumache.

- Large, tart berries that grow on bushes and come in many varieties including green, white, yellow and red, and with skins that are either smooth or fuzzy. Gooseberries are excellent in jams, jellies and pies.

Gorgonzola Cheese - Similar to American blue cheese, this Italian cow's milk cheese is rich and creamy with a savory, slightly strong flavor.

Gouda Cheese - A famous cheese from Holland, thiscow's milk cheese is a firm, smooth cheese that comes in aged and non aged forms. It has a creamy texture, nutty flavor and a light yellow color with very small holes.

Goulash - A Hungarian style stew containing meat, vegetables and paprika served sour cream and noodles.

Gourmet - French term meaning "connoisseur of culinary delights".

Gram (g)
- Basic measure of metric weight: 28.35 grams = 1 ounce and 1000 grams = a kilogram = 2.2 U.S. pounds.

Grand Marnier - Orange flavored liqueur

Granita - (GRAH-nee-tah) Granita is a fruit based gelato that has a decidedly grainy texture because it is frozen, then scraped to form coarse ice granules. Granita is slushy.

Granola - A combination of grains, nuts and dried fruits, often mixed with honey, eaten as a cereal.

Granulated Sugar - Regular white, refined sugar for common use.

Grape Leaves
- The leaves taken from grapevines have been used in Mediterranean cuisine for hundreds of years.

Grapes - Very juicy berries that grow in clusters and have a very smooth very thin skin. They come in colors from green and red to deep purple and can have seeds or be seedless. They are the fruit that is process and fermented in winemaking and dried to make raisins.

- An 18th-century hybrid of an orange and pomelo, this large citrus fruit has a relatively thin rind that can be yellow or rosy. Ruby grapefruits have a yellow-pink to brilliant ruby-red sweet pulp. White grapefruits have a yellow-white pulp and tart flavor. This variety is better for juicing.

Grate - To break up a piece of food into smaller pieces by abrading it against a rough, irregular surface as in a hand grater or a food processor.

Gratin - To combine foods with a liquid based sauce in a shallow dish and baked until set and browned on top.

Gravy - Juices from cooked meat that have been thickened with a roux.

Grease - To coat a cooking vessel or sheet with a thin layer of oil or shortening.

Great Northern Bean - A delicately flavored large, flat, kidney-shaped white bean. Available dried or canned.

Green Bean, String Bean, Snap Bean - A thin, crisp, green pod that contains several small seeds and is entirely edible.

Grenadine - Sweet, red, pomegranate flavored syrup made from pomegranate juice or other fruit concentrates. Grenadine usually contains alcohol.

- A flat pan, often made of cast iron or aluminum, used to cook food with little fat or oil. Griddles are available with a nonstick surface and usually have either a long handle or two hand grips.

Grill - 1. To cook on a grill. 2. Cooking equipment in which the heat source (gas, charcoal, hardwood or electric) is located beneath the rack on which the food is placed; it is generally not enclosed, although it can be covered.

Grillade - A Creole dish of pounded round steak served in a sauce of tomatoes and other vegetables, and traditionally served with grits. Grillade is also a French word meaning grilled or broiled food.

Grilling Basket - A basket used while grilling smaller items. The device holds food in place to keep it from slipping through the grill.

Grind - To process foods in a grinder or processor. Texture can be in variable degress from finely to coursely ground.

Grissini - Italian bread sticks.

Grits - Commonly refers to coarsely ground dried hominy and known as hominy grits, a dish of the (American) South. Grits are generally prepared in boiling water and served as a cereal or side dish.

Ground Beef
- Beef that has been ground or finely chopped; commonly referred to as hamburger.

Gruyère Cheese - A cow's-milk cheese containing a moderate amount of fat with a rich, sweet, nutty taste.

Guacamole - Mashed avocado flavored with lemon or limejuice, and optional ingredients of chiles, finely chopped tomatoes, green onion and cilantro. This is an authentic Mexican dish served as a dip, a salad or a side dish.

Guajillo Chili Peppers
- A very hot pepper that is about 4 inches long. When dried, the skin is a shiny deep-red and must be soaked for a long time because of its toughness.

Guava - A sweet, fragrant tropical fruit. Guavas are oval, about 2 inches in diameter, and color ranges from yellow to bright red. The ripe fruit is often used in jams, preserves, juices, and sauces.

Gueuze - Traditional style of Belgian beer, light, acidic, naturally fermented with a tart taste and gentle effervescence. Best after 3 years but can be cellared up to 20.

Gumbo - Gumbo is a Creole stew that contains tomatoes, okra, and other vegetables, meats or seafood. A roux of is added for thickening the gumbo, and filé powder added for flavoring just before serving.

Gyro - A Greek sandwich of finely chopped, molded and roasted meat that is sliced and served in pita bread with a cucumber yogurt dressing.

Gyromitres - A European mountain mushroom outlawed for sale due to the presence of hydragine, a substance which is toxic if prepared incorrectly.

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