Healthy Recipes
Healthy Recipes
Healthy Recipes
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Low Fat Recipes
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When making Oriental soups like egg drop soup or hot and sour soup, you can easily use egg substitute for egg threads.
Creating En Croute, a crust around a piece of fruit can be as decorative as it is delicious. Begin with a rolled out piece of dough large enough to encase the fruit. Wrap the dough around a cored apple leaving a hole for moisture to be released. Bake and enjoy.
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Culinary Terms

Edam Cheese - A famous Dutch cheese exported in balls covered with bright-red- or yellow-paraffin-coated rinds; a good all-purpose cheese with a mellow flavor. Edam is second only to Gouda as Holland's most exported cheese.

Eel -
A variety of anadromous fish with a snakelike shape. Eels generally have firm, fatty flesh and are gray, olive or black in color.

- The hard-shelled, ovoid reproductive body produced by a bird, consisting principally of a yolk and albumen.

Egg Noodles
- The most popular type of Asian noodle, these ribbons vary in length, width and thickness; made from a dough of wheat flour, water and eggs and usually boiled. Can be found fresh in some Asian supermarkets, and are readily available dried.

Egg Threads - Lightly beaten eggs poured slowly into a hot broth or soup.

Egg Wash - A mixture of beaten eggs (yolks, whites, or whole eggs) with either milk or water, used to glaze baked goods.

- Though usually thought of as a vegetable, the eggplant is actually a fruit related to the potato and tomato. There are many varieties of eggplant, with colors ranging from dark purple to white and sizes from 2 inches to 12 inches. An eggplant's shape can vary from oblong to round. The most common variety of fruit in the United States is large and pear-shaped, with a smooth, glossy deep-purple skin.

Elderberries - The tart fruit of the elder tree found throughout the Northern Hemisphere. The small, dark purple-black berry is very sour when eaten raw, but can be quite delicious when used in jellies, pies, tarts or syrups.

Emmental Cheese - What most Americans know as Swiss cheese. Switzerland's oldest and most important cheese, Emmentaler has a distinctively nutty-sweet, mellow flavor. It was named for Switzerland's Emmental valley and is exported in giant wheels weighing from 150 pounds to 220 pounds each.

Empanada - A small, savory pie that are usually filled with meat, seafood or vegetables.

Emulsify - To bind together liquid ingredients that do not dissolve into each other (like vinegar and oil).

En Brochette - To cook small pieces of food on skewers.

En Croute - Food baked in a crust.

En Papillote - Enclosing foods (like fish) in parchment paper or foil and cooking in an oven or on a grill.

Enchilada - Corn tortillas stuffed with meat, chicken, cheese (or a combination), rolled and topped with a red or green chile sauce.

Endive - A plant with dark green, curly leaves and a slightly bitter flavor.

English Pea - Common garden pea, also called green pea.

English Walnut - A nut with a wrinkled tan shell and a double lobed interior nut meat that has a sweet flavor. It can be eaten raw or used in baking and cooking.

Enoki Mushrooms
- Small white mushrooms that grow in clumps with long, thin stems and a mild, almost fruity flavor. They have a crisp, crunchy texture when fresh, but tend to become tough when heated; also known as velvet stem, snow puff and golden mushrooms.

Enriched All-purpose Flour
- Because all-purpose flour does not contain wheat germ, U.S. law requires iron, niacin, riboflavin and thiamin to be added. "Enriched" appears on the label of flour with added nutrients.

Entrée - In the United States an entrée is the main dish of a meal. The original French term referred to the first course of a meal, served after the soup and before the meat.

Epazote - A pungent herb with a flavor similar to coriander. Epazote is often added to beans to reduce gas.

- Very thin slices of meat or fish containing absolutely no fat, skin, gristle or bones.

- French term for edible snails, either terrestrial, freshwater or marine.

- A broad-leafed, pale green, mild-flavored endive. Most often eaten raw in salads, escarole can be briefly cooked and used in soups; also known as Batavian endive.

étouffée - French for smothered and refers to a stewed dish cooked little liquid in a tightly closed pot. Usually served over white rice.

Etuver - To braise with very little or no liquid.

Evaporated Milk - Canned, unsweetened milk that is homogenized milk from which 60% of the water is removed. Available in whole evaporated milk - 7.9% butterfat and skim - cotains1/2% or less.

Extract (Essence)
- Flavors from various foods that have been concentrated by distillation or evaporation.

Extra Lean
- Poultry, meat, seafood or game containing less than 5 grams of fat, less than 2 grams of saturated fat and less than 95 milligrams of cholesterol per serving (100 grams).

Extra-virgin Olive Oil
- Olive oil produced from the first cold-pressing, considered the finest and fruitiest, with only 1 percent acid. Its color can range from clear champagne to bright green.

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