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Healthy Recipes
Healthy Recipes
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Low Fat Recipes
Using Bake Cups, cuts down on the amount of fat and calories you add to your favorite low fat muffin, cupcake or cornbread muffin recipe. Remember every bit of fat you reduce is lowering both calories and cholesterol.
If you want perfectly steamed brussel sprouts, trim and clean fresh sprouts. At the bottom of each sprout (on the stem portion), cut an X into the base. Steam as usual until tender but firm. You will have wonderfully tender spouts.
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Culinary Terms

Baba - A rich rum or kirsch-soaked Polish yeast cake studded with currants or raisins. The traditional baba is baked in a tall cylindrical mold but the cake can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes; called savarin when baked in a large ring mold.

Babáco - This fruit indigenous to Ecuador, ranges from 8 to 12 inches long and about 4 inches in diameter. The skin, which is entirely edible, turns from green to golden yellow as it ripens. Babáco is best eaten raw, contains triple the amount of papain than found in papaya, and is a good source of vitamins A and C.

Babka - A Polish sweet yeast bread, traditionally made with rum and studded with almonds, raisins and orange peel.

Baby Back Ribs - A slab of ribs cut from the pork primal loin and weighing 1.75 pounds or less.

Baby Lima Beans -
There are two common varieties of lima beans: the Fordhook and the baby (also called sieva). The pale green bodies of both varieties have a slight kidney-shaped curve. The Fordhook is larger and plumper than the baby lima.

- A cured / smoked cut of pork carcass that consists of fat interspersed with strands of meat, available sliced or in a slab.

Bagel - A dense, chewy, doughnut-shaped roll that is cooked in boiling water, then baked.

Baguette - A long, thin, cylindrical loaf of French bread with a crisp, brown crust and chewy interior; traditionally made from flour, salt, water and yeast.

Bain Marie - 1. A hot-water bath used to gently cook foods. Hot water is placed in a pan and the food item (such as custard), nestled in a separate container, is set in the water. This allows gentle cooking without scorching. 2. French term for a type of double boiler.

Bake Cups - Paper or foil pleated cups used to line cupcake or muffin tins.

Bake -To cook in an oven with dry heat at a specific temperature.

Baker's Cheese
- Similar to cottage cheese, this soft, acidic white cheese is made from skim milk and used mainly in commercially baked goods. It is rarely available in retail stores.

Baker's Peel - A tool with a flat, smooth surface and long handle that's used to move pizzas and yeast breads to and from an oven. Peels are usually hardwood, but can be made of metal. Also known as a pizza peel or paddle.

Baking Powder - A Leavening agent containing a combination of baking soda, an acid like cream of tartar and a moisture-absorber like cornstarch. When mixed with liquid, it releases carbon dioxide gas that causes baked goods to rise.

Baking Soda, Bicarbonate of Soda - A Leavening agent that causes baked goods to rise when combined with an acid ingredient such as buttermilk or yogurt.

Baking Stones, Baking Tiles
- A heavy, thick, round or rectangular ceramic or stone plate placed on the lowest oven shelf and preheated with the oven. Such stones are used to duplicate the baking qualities of the brick floors of some commercial bread and pizza ovens. Items to be baked are then placed directly on the baking stone in the oven. Also known as a pizza stone. Baking tiles are used like a baking stone, but are thick, unglazed quarry tiles 8 to 12 inches square.

Baklava - Greek pastry made in layers with thin leaves of phyllo dough, honey, sugar and chopped nuts.

Balachan - Malaysian condiment made of spices, small fish and shrimp, allowed to ferment in the hot sun, and then dried. It is quite pungent and is considered an acquired taste.

Balsamic Vinegar - An Italian vinegar made from white Trebbiano grape juice. It has a dark color and pungent sweetness from aging in barrels made of wood.

Bamboo Shoots - These are the ivory-colored shoots of the bamboo plant. Bamboo shoots have a tender-crisp texture and sweet flavor. Primarily available in cans and used in Asian cuisines.

Banana - A tropical fruit that grows in clusters and is long and curving with a yellow skin flecked with brown specs. It has a slightly sticky, creamy pulp and a distinctive sweet flavor.

Banana Squash - A large, long winter squash with creamy orange skin and orange flesh; often sold in sections.

Banneton - A small woven basket used for letting bread dough rise before baking. The basket is dusted with flour before use. The dough takes on the shape of the basket as it rises and is then carefully turned out onto a baking sheet. The baked bread retains the pattern of the basket.

Bap - A soft Scottish yeast roll traditionally eaten for breakfast with a flour-tasting finish.

Barbados Sugar - A soft, moist, fine-textured type of raw sugar. If unavailable, dark brown sugar can be substituted in equal parts.

Barbecue, Barbeque, Bar-B-Q - 1. A method of cooking meat, poultry or fish or even vegetables and fruit. Is covered and slowly cooked in a pit or on a spit, using hot coals or hardwood as a heat source. 2. A brazier fitted with a grill and sometimes a spit.

Barder, Bard - To cover meats with slices of salt pork

Barley - A small, round grain grown in most of the world. It is pearled to remove its outer husk. It has a slightly sweet, nutty, earthy flavor and chewy texture.

Barley Flour - Ground barley used for baking, however, since it lacks gluten, barley flour isn't recommended for yeast breads unless combined with a gluten-containing flour. An excellent thickener for soups and sauces

Barley, Pearl - Polished barley.

Barm Brack
- An Irish bread, usually containing candied fruit peel and raisins or currants. Barm brack is typically buttered and served with tea.

Barquettes - Small, oblong pastry tarts made of short crust pastry or puff pastry and baked blind.

Basil - An herb commonly used in Italian cooking with a strong sweet flavor. Basil is used with many dishes but is most commonly paired with tomatoes.

Basmati - An aged, fragrant long grain rice. It has a creamy yellow color, distinctive sweet, nutty aroma and delicate flavor.

Bass - A term used for several varieties of fresh and saltwater spiny-finned fish. Large mouth, small mouth, sea and striped bass are some of the varieties.

Baste - To add moisture, flavor and color to foods by brushing, drizzling or spooning pan juices or other liquids over the food during cooking.

Batter - A mixture of flour, fat, and liquid that is thin enough in consistency to require a pan to encase it.

Bavette - Thin, oval shaped pasta.

Bay Leaves - A leaf from the laurel family used as an herb that imparts a lemon-nutmeg flavor and is usually removed from food after cooking.

Bean Sprouts - Mung and soybean sprouts are very popular in Asian cooking. The crisp, mild-flavored sprouts add a crunchy texture to salads, and are best eaten raw. However, they are also a nice addition to stir-fry dishes, but will lose their crunchiness if cooked longer than 30 seconds. Bean sprouts are available in most supermarkets, either pre-packaged or in bulk. Select crisp, pale sprouts with the buds attached; avoid musty-smelling, dark or slimy-looking sprouts

Beat - To mix thoroughly with a spoon, whisk or beaters until smooth and well combined.

Bearnaise Sauce
- A classic white-wine sauce flavored with fresh herbs and shallots, thickened with egg yolks and usually finished with tarragon or chervil.

Beau Monde Seasoning - A commercial combination of herbs

Bechamel - Basic milk (white) sauce

Beef - The firm but tender meat of cows which has a dark red color, rich flavor, interior marbling and external fat.

Beet - A large round, garnet red edible root with an edible leafy green top

Beignets - Fritters

Bel Paese
- Semisoft Italian cheese having a mild, buttery flavor. Delicious with fruity wines, it can be served as a dessert cheese, and melts beautifully for use in casseroles or on pizza.

Bell Pepper - A large fresh sweet pepper with a mild sweet flavor and available in various colors, including green, red, white, brown, purple, yellow and orange.

Benedictine - A green spread made with cucumber, cream cheese and mayonnaise.

Bench Proof
- The final rising state in yeast dough production, occurring between the time the dough is panned and baked.

Benne - Term used commonly in the southern United States for sesame seeds, and to describe dishes containing sesame, e.g., benne brittle or benne wafers (sesame cookies).

Berries - Fruit with seeds embedded in the pulp. Varieties include blackberries, raspberries, dewberries, loganberries, salmonberries, youngberries and many more. Berries should be plump, tender and stored in ventilated containers when fresh.

Beta Carotene - A naturally occurring nutrient found in plants and vegetables that acts as an antioxidant. When consumed, beta carotene is converted into vitamin A.

Beurre - Butter

Beurre Noir - A sauce for fish which contains browned butter flavored with parsley, seasonings and vinegar.

Beurre Noisette - Browned butter with lemon juices and seasonings.

Bias-slice - To slice a food crosswise at a 45-degree angle.

Bibb Lettuce - A small variety of butterhead lettuce with soft, light green leaves that has a buttery flavor and texture.

Bind - To stir in ingredients such as eggs, flour, butter, or cream to thicken a sauce or hot liquid.

Biscuit - 1. An individual serving of bread made with flour, leavening and fat. 2. Describes a cracker or cookie in England.

Biscuit Cutter - A round stainless-steel device that cuts dough for biscuits or scones; may have straight or fluted edge.

Bisque - A creamy soup made with seafood or poultry.

Bite-size -To cut into pieces which can be easily chewed.

- A bitter liquid distilled from roots and herbs, often used in mixed drinks, served as an aperitif, or as a home remedy for fevers and other illness.

Bittersweet or Semisweet Chocolate - This is the chocolate most often called for in cake and cookie recipes (like chocolate chips).

Black Bean - A relatively large, dried bean with black skin, cream flesh and a sweet flavor; also called a turtle bean.

Blackberry - A large shiny, deep purple berry with a sweet flavor. Also known as a bramble berry.

Blackened - A cooking method popular in Cajun cuisine where seasoned foods are cooked over high heat in a very hot skillet until charred.

Black-eyed Pea - A small, beige pea with a black round eye on the curved edge and used in Southern and Chinese cuisines. Also called a cowpea.

Blanche or Blanch - To partially cook food (usually vegetables and fruits) by plunging into boiling water briefly, then into cold water bath to stop the cooking process.

Blanquette - A light soup or stew made without browning the meat first.

Blend - To mix ingredients just until thoroughly combined.

Blind Bake - To bake a pie crust without the filling.

- A Jewish pancake, stuffed and made with egg batter. The thin pancake can be rolled around a variety of fillings including soft cheeses, fruit or meat mixtures.

Blue Crab
- A variety of crab found along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. Named for the color of its claws and dark blue-green shell, the blue crab has a rich, sweet flavor and is available in hard- and soft-shell stages.

Blue (bleu) Cheese - A strong, semisoft, blue-veined cheese made from cow's milk.

Blueberry - A native American berry that has a smooth dark blue skinand a light blue-gray flesh. Usually used for baked goods and jams and jellies.

Bluefine Tuna - The main Atlantic variety of tuna; a bluefin can weigh more than 1,000 pounds.

Boil - To heat a liquid until bubbles appear on the surface (212°F for water at sea level).

Boiling Onions - Mild-flavored white onions about 1 inch in diameter. They are used in stews, cooked as a side dish and pickled. See also onions.

Bok Choy - A member of the cabbage family that has wide, white crunchy stalks with tender, dark green leaves. Commonly used in Chinese cuisine.

Bologna - A large, seasoned, cooked sausage made from pork, beef and veal. Usually served cold in sandwiches. Also known as baloney.

Bombes - Dessert ice cream

Bonbon - A sweet made of or dipped into fondant.

Boned, Boneless, Bone - A cut of meat from which the bone has been removed or to remove the bone from a cut of meat.

Bone-in - A cut of meat containing the bone.

- From the tuna family, the small bonito rarely exceeds 25 pounds. The fish is relatively high in fat and is among the most strongly flavored of the tunas.

Borage - A European herb with blue flowers, downy leaves and a subtle cucumber flavor. The flowers and leaves can be added to cold drinks or used in salads. Since the leaves have a slightly hairy texture, they should be finely chopped before adding to salads. The leaves can also be used to flavor teas and vegetables, and the flowers are good when candied.

Bordelaise Sauce - A red or white wine sauce mixed with meat glaze, marrow, lemon juice, finely minced shallots, parsley, ground pepper, thyme, bay leaf, and other fresh herbs.

Bordure - A rice ring

Börek - Turkish appetizer. Fried or baked, böreks come in many varieties. They are made from layers of thin wheat dough and may be filled with a sweet or savory mixture. Cheese is a popular filling.

Borlotti Bean
- Native to Italy, this bean is like the pinto, but reversed in color with maroon highlights on a thin pink skin. Borlotti and pinto beans are interchangeable in recipes since their flavor and texture are identical. Also known as cranberry, Roman, saluggia and crab-eye beans.

Boston Baked Beans - An baked American dish of navy or pea beans, bacon or salt pork, mustard and brown sugar.

Boston Lettuce - A variety of butterhead lettuce with soft, pliable pale green leaves that have a buttery texture and flavor and are larger and lighter in color than bibb lettuce.

Boudin - A pork- and rice-based, highly seasoned sausage that is common in southern Louisiana cooking. The term is French for "white pudding."

Bouef - Beef

Bouillabaisse - Fish stew

Bouillon - Reduced meat stock

Boulettes - A type of meatball used in the Creole cooking of southern Louisiana.

Bouquet Garni - A group of herbs (usually parsley, thyme and bay leaf) that are tied together in a bundle or placed in cheese clothand tied used to flavor soups, stews and broths. It is removed before serving.

Bourguignonne, à la - Meat that is cooked red wine and served with small mushrooms and white onions.

Boursin Cheese - A French triple cream cheese with a soft texture; made from cow's milk and often flavored with herbs, garlic or pepper.

Bowl - A round vessel used for preparing and serving foods.

Boysenberry - A hybrid of blackberries and raspberries that has a purple-red color and a tart-sweet flavor.

Braise - A cooking technique where meat is browned in oil or fat and then cooked (tightly covered) very slowly in liquid. Braising tenderizes and enhances the flavor of the meat.

Bran - The tough, outer covering of several types of grain kernels. It is marketed in cereal and used as a nutrient supplement.

Brazil Nuts
- The seeds of a giant tree in the Brazilian forest; the large, hard fruit of this tree contains up to 20 seeds, each in its own hard shell. Inside the shell is a creamy, rich nut that can be roasted or ground or chipped to flavor cookies and pastries. Brazil nuts do not keep well because of their high oil content.

Bread - To coat food with bread or cracker crumbs, flour, cornmeal and a liquid or egg mixture before cooking.

- A large, round fruit with bumpy green skin and bland-tasting, cream-colored flesh the texture of fresh bread. Breadfruit can be baked, fried or boiled in the same way as potatoes. It is available fresh in some specialty produce markets, as well as canned.

Breast - The fleshy white meat between the neck and abdomen of poultry.

Bresaola - Salt-cured, air-dried beef fillet, served thinly sliced as an antipasto.

Brewer's Yeast - The inactive yeast remaining after beer-making. It is used as a nutritional supplement for humans, providing high-quality protein, thiamin, riboflavin, iron and phosphorus. Brewer's yeast has no leavening power.

Brick Cheese - An all-American pale yellow cheese with a tangy flavor. The flavor and aroma become stronger as the cheese ages.

Brie Cheese - Made from cow's milk, this soft, creamy cheese has a delicate, slightly nutty flavor. The white rind is also edible. To select brie at its peak of ripeness, look for one that is plump and springy to the touch. It is acceptable for the rind to show some brown edges, but ripe brie should be used within a few days. When brie is past its prime, it will appear gray and have an ammonia smell.

Brider - To tie poultry or meat

Brine - A salt water solution used to preserve foods.

Brioche - Yeast-leavened sponge dough.

Brisket - A cut of beef (or mutton) taken from the breast section; sold without the bone and divided into two sections. The flat cut has minimal fat and is usually more expensive than the more flavorful point cut, which has more fat. Brisket can be boiled, braised, barbecued, stewed or used to make corned beef, which requires long, slow cooking.

Broccoli - This deep-green relative of cabbage and cauliflower is made up of tiny bunches of tightly closed green buds growing from a thick edible stalk. Peak season is from October through April, but broccoli can be found in supermarkets year-round. Choose bunches with tightly closed buds, crisp leaves and deep green, or green with purple tinges (considered the best), in color. If not being cooked right away, store unwashed broccoli in an airtight bag in the refrigerator for up to four days. Peel any tough stalks before cooking. Steam or boil briefly to preserve some of the crispness.

Broccoli Rabe
- A member of the broccoli family which looks similar to its relative, but has thinner stalks and is harvested very young. The leaves and young flower heads can be eaten cooked as spring greens or raw in salads. The stems are also edible. The flavor is slightly bitter and becomes more so as it matures. Select young, crisp, leafy stalks (they may have some yellow flowers), and check the stalks for toughness. Avoid large, woody stalks or yellow, limp leaves. Also known as broccoli rab, raab, rape, rapini, Italian turnip and broccoletti.

Brochette - Food cooked on a skewer

Broil - To place directly under or over a heat source while cooking.

Bromated Flour
- Flour with potassium bromate added as an aging agent; the label must state that the flour is "bromated." Potassium bromate is currently under examination and is expected to be outlawed in the United States. Food regulations no longer permit its use in Europe and Canada.

Broth or Stock - A flavorful liquid that is the result of cooking vegetables, meat or fish and other seasoning ingredients in water.

Brown - To cook quickly over or under high heat at the beginning or end of meal preparation, often to enhance flavor, texture and eye appeal.

Brown Rice - Whole rice grain with only the very outer husk removed. The bran coating is left on, giving the rice a tan color and nutlike flavor. Brown rice is higher in fiber and more nutritious than white rice. However, brown rice is subject to rancidity because of the bran and has a shelf life of only about six months. Brown rice also requires a longer cooking time than regular white long-grain rice.

Brown Sugar - White sugar combined with Molasses.This soft refined sugar come in dark or light.

Brownie - A bar cookie, usually made with chocolate.

Brunoise - French term for finely diced vegetables (1/8 inch dice)

Bruschetta - Bread that is drizzled with olive oil, saltand pep, then heated and served warm. It can be topped with olives, tomatoes, garlic paste, basil or other garnishes.

Brush - Using a pastry brush, to coat a food such as meat or bread with melted butter or glaze.

Brussels Sprouts - A vegetable of the cabbage family that grows in small cabbage-like heads or buds.

Bucatini - Thin, straight, short, hollow pasta.

Buckwheat - Despite common misconceptions, buckwheat is neither a wheat nor a grain. It is actually the triangular seeds of a plant related to rhubarb. Once the seeds are hulled and ground they are called groats. Groats (usually available in fine, medium and coarse grinds) can be cooked in a manner similar to rice.

Buffet - A meal where a large array of hot and cold foods are set out on a table and guests serve themselves.

Bulb Baster - A kitchen device used to baste various foods; consists of a tapered tube made of metal or plastic and a rubber bulb at the wider end. Basting liquid is drawn into the tube by squeezing and releasing the bulb; the liquid pours over the food when the bulb is squeezed again.

Bulgur, Burghul - Wheat kernels that have been steamed, dried and crushed. It has has a tender, chewy texture and is used in dishes like Tabbouleh and other Middle Eastern dishes.

Bundt Pan - A tube baking pan with fluted sides.

Buñuelo - A Mexican pastry that is fried than sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.

Burrito - Flour tortilla filled with cheese, salsa or chile sauce, refried beans and/or beef and rolled.

Butter - A fatty substance produced by churning cream. It contains at least 80 percent milk fat and 20 percent water and milk solids.

Butterfly - To split food such as shrimp or pork chops down the center without cutting all the way through and then spread open like a butterfly or open book.

Butter Lettuce - Also known as Boston or Bibb lettuce, this salad green has a loosely formed head and a characteristically sweet flavor.

Buttermilk - 1. A thick and tangy milk made from fresh, pasteurized skim or lowfat cow's milk then cultured with bacteria; also known as "cultured buttermilk". 2. Traditionally, the liquid remaining after the cream was churned into butter.

Butternut Squash - A large, pear-shaped squash with a smooth yellow brown skin and orange flesh with a sweet flavor.

Butterscotch - 1. A flavor blend of brown sugar and butter, used for cookies, candies, sauces. 2. A hard candy with the flavor of butterscotch.



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